• Komaram Puli Movie review

    Pavan Kalyan Komaram Puli telugu Movie review

    Casting : Pavan Kalyan , Nikesha Patel,Manoj Bajpai ,Nassar,Girish Karnad
    Music : A R Rahman
    Direction : S J Surya
    Rating : 2/5
    Producer : Singalama Ramesh
    Cinematography: Binod Pradhan


    A tasteless tale, the story begins with the tough and honest cop Komaram Puli (pawan) who cannot stand injustice and with his heroics, he manages to get a phone booth in front of every police station where the common man can woe his complaints when ill treated by the police. One such complaint comes from a lady whose son goes missing, he is an inspector. That gets him to the door of the big don Salim (manoj). The regular verbal conflict happens and it turns out to be a battle of wits between both. However, Salim has got a strong connection with Puli for a wrong reason. What is that reason and what happens after that forms the rest of the story.

    The director has come up with a nothing storyline and though the presentation was somewhat okay, the narrative was poor. The dialogues were okay, the script was weak and the screenplay was pathetic. Background score was good but songs were not upto the mark including their picturization. Editing was shoddy. Costumes were alright, art department was rich. Pawan Kalyan was okay in few places but most of the times, he was preaching which was boring, it looked unnatural. Nikesha Patel looks seductively hot and she has the right blend of beauty and talent. Manoj Bajpai was not used to his fullest, Charanraj was neat, Saranya was standard, Nasser was apt, Ali was stale, Shriya gives visual feast but her role was negligible. The others didn’t have much to offer.

    Though the film came in with lot of expectations, it didn’t have the right kind of ammunition to fire. The first twenty minutes is stale and poor in presentation. It is not before the interval that the real story picks up. The second half has some momentum but loses it due to a dragged sentimental scene and the climax was routine without any special appeal. Overall, the film has a weak content, poor narrative and improperly utilized technical values. This might draw a good opening due to the hype but it will fizzle at the box office in no time.

    tollywoodandhra.in Verdict: Disappointing and terrible!!!

    Note :– The Above Updates is as per the viewer’s Review…

    Komaram Puli Movie Updates from Premiere show

    1st Half Updates

    • Pavan Kalyan Enterance was Good in A different way
    • Pavan Kalyan Looked Differently campared with his previous Movies
    • Nikesha Patel Looks Good Attractive
    • Manoj Bajpai impresses once again
    • Pavan Kalyan Appeared in Cowboy Getup for maha maye
    • Dances Good for Amma Telle Song

    Coming to the 2nd Half

    • Second Half Goes on InvestiGation’s
    • Movie was too slow for 15-20 Min
    • Picked up with Item Song with Shreya
    • Mask Fight Was Good.
    • BackGround Score by Ar Rehman Was Good
    • Movie has Ended with a Super Climax.
    • S J Surya worked hard in direction department
    • Lack of Entertainment(Comedy) in the Movie this is Negative
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