• Theen Maar Movie review

    Rating: 2.5/5
    Banner :Parameshwari Arts
    Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Kriti Kharbhanda, Paresh Rawal, Ali and others
    Music : Mani Sharma
    Director : Jayanth C.Paranji

    Teenmaar is the story of two characters, Michael Velayudham and Arjun Palwai. Michael Velayudham and Meera Sastry (Trisha) are fun loving young couple who starts dating in Capetown and eventually falls in Love but Meera opts to go back to India for her career. Feeling long relations would not work they both part. Senapathi, a local restaurateur refuses to let their love die and narrates the story of his friend, Arjun Palwai who does every thing to win the hand of his love, Vasumathi. The rest of the story is how Michael wins his love.

    Pawan Kalyan excelled in the role of Arjun Palwai but failed miserably in portraying the character of Michael Velayudham. The charm and ease which Pawan Kalyan is famous for is missing. He put in lots of efforts but the result did not turn up. His energy levels are stooping to alarming levels.

    Trisha’s performance is alright but is never in par with Deepika Padukone in the original. Kriti Kharbhanda is okay in whatever little she is offered.

    What is good?
    1. Arjun Palwai characterisation
    2. Trivikram dialogues for Arjun Palwai
    3. Soothing music
    4. Dances of Pawan Kalyan after long long time.
    5. Rich production values

    What could have been better
    1. Pawan Kalyan in Micheal character.
    2. Ali comedy track
    3. Director should have concentrated on the screenplay.
    4. Dialogues of Pawan are not clear at many places due to on spot dubbing.

    Final Say
    If you have already watched the original version Love Aaj Kal, you will feel Teenmaar as the brutal murder of it. The movie lacks feel which is the heart and soul of the movie. The title is no where related to the movie. You can safely skip the movie. In case you are a mass masala lover avoid the premises of the theaters.

    Disclaimer :- This review is an opinion of review writer. we dont want to judge the movie based on this review.Please watch movie in Cinema Hall,Post ur Comments

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