• Poolarangadu Movie Review

    Starring: Sunil , Isha Chawla, Kota Srinivasan Rao, Pradeep Rawat
    Director : Veerabrahmam
    Producer : K Atchi Reddy
    Music Director : Anoop Rubens


    Poolarangadu is the story of a real estate broker, Ranga (Sunil) who is in deep financial dispute due to the fall of real estate.Exactly at the same time, He gets a chance to buy a prime piece of land near Warangal at a cheap prince. But as he searches for the buyers, he realises that the land is a dispute between Konda Reddy (Dev Gil) and Lala Goud ( Pradeep Rawat).

    Ranga has to solve the dispute to come out of the mess. What he did for that? Forms the rest of the story.


    Sunil is at his usual best in the character of Ranga. His comedy timing is good as ever.He put in a lot effort in building the six abs body. As a result the stunts turned out very well. His dances are awesome. Saddest part is the charm on his face is lost due to his abs.

    Isha Chawla is a prospectus of future for our industry. She is a good artist. Ali, Raghu Babu, Prithvi are good. Pradeep Rawat and Dev Gil are okay as villains.

    Technical Performances :

    Veerabhadram had did a pretty good job for his second movie. The first half of the movie is entertaining. Second half loses are bit of tempo. He should have taken care of the screenplay there. Editing is neat. Cinematography is alright.

    Anoop Rubens background score is really good.

    Final Say:

    Poolarangadu is a real entertainer and has all the elements audience expect from a Sunil movie.As expected the story is not any thing fresh but can keep you engrossed through it with some fine bit of comedy. Watch it!

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