• Darling Movie Review

    Darling Movie Review

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    Actor : Prabhas
    Actress : Kajal Agarwal
    Director : karunakaran
    Producer : BVSN Prasad
    Music By : G V Prakash Kumar

      What is All about :–

      Darling is a romantic action based movie. In which Prabhas and Kajal as lead pair another interesting aspect is that veteran Tamil actor Prabhu  is playing a prominent role as Prabhas’s father and Shraddha Das did a special character in this movie.

      Story :–

      The movie starts with enthusiastic 1980 backdrop in black and white. The college mates disperse after farewell and they keep themselves in contact even after decades.

      Prabha (Prabhas) is the son of one of those old friends (Prabhu) and Nandini (Kajal) is the daughter of another (Ahuti Prasad). They live in various places.

      A lady (Shradhdha Das) loves Prabha and proposes him. But he negates. The father of that lady is a goon (Mukesh Rishi) who surrounds Prabha and his friends’ gang for negating his daughter. To escape from that goon Prabha narrates his flash back stating that he has love interest by name Nandini and he met her in Switzerland. The goon leaves him knowing that.

      After a while, the old friends wish to have old friends’ reunion with families. They all meet in a village and how Prabha and Nandini meet again (?) and end up with love-union forms rest of the story. Many twists, turns and secrets will be unleashed in narration for the entertainment of audience.

      Performances :-

      Prabhas – He looked very stylish in the movie and also came up with a good performance. His action episodes and dance steps came out really well. Prabhas was also good in comedy episodes and did a wonderful job with his histrionics.
      Kajal - She was bubbly and beautiful as usual in the movie. At times she was over expressive, otherwise she suited the role well.
      Prabhu - He was apt for the role and did his job well.
      Srinivas Reddy – He was terrific as Prabhas friend and provided the necessary laughs in the movie with his spontaneous dialogues and expressions.
      Ahuti Prasad, MS Narayana, Kota Srinivas Rao, Mukesh Rishi, Shraddha Das were ok.

      Final Words :-

      • Movie Shooted in Swiss Location’s Has Come out Very well
      • Prabhas Stylish look and performance is the highlight of the movie
      • Kajal Action Is Good in 1st Half
      • Interval Bang was very Excellent
      • Second Half of the Movie is not As excepted
      • Overall Comedy is Good
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