• Prabhas Rebel Movie Review

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    Rating: 2/5
    Cast & Crew : Prabhas,Tamanna Bhatia, Krishnam Raju, Pradeep Rawat, Supreeth and others
    Music: S Thaman;
    Dialogues: ‘Darling’ Swamy;
    Fights: Ram Lakshman;
    Art: A S Prakash;
    Make-up: Ramu;
    Costumes: Ramesh
    Associate Director: Balaga Sheshu;
    Co-director: N V Bhaskar Reddy;
    Cinematography: Ram Prasad
    Production Controller: Bezawada Koteswara Rao;
    Producers: J Bhagavan, J Pulla Rao;
    Story-screenplay-choreography-direction: Raghava Lawrence


    Rebel is the story of Rishi (Prabhas), a happy go lucky lad. His father Rebel Bhupathi (Krishnam Raju) strives for people all his life. And there is a girl Deepali (Deekshaseth) who  is loved by Rishi. A sudden castrophe changes their lives and pushes Rishi to distress. Then enters Nandini (Tamannah) who is a hip hop dancer in to his life. The changes that take place in Rishi’s life and the circumstances that lead Rishi to Rebel forms the actual part of the story.

    Prabhas had come a long way as an actor with this movie. He excelled in the role of Rishi and Rebel. Lawerence had shown him exactly in the way fans wanted to see him. His dialogue delivery had improved a bit but requires further fine tuning. He had put good efforts in dances too.  Tamannah is one of the major assets of the movie. GORGEOUS is not a sufficient word to describe her beauty in the movie. Her performace was okay and her dances especially in Google Searchlona andRebel song were superb. Deekshaseth had a very little role in the movie and as usually, her expressions are below par.

    Pradeep Rawat, mukesh Rishi, Supreeth and other baddies are at their usual self. Brahmanandham, Ali and MS Narayana’s comedy did not work out.

    Technical Performances:

    The director has come up with a routine storyline. The presentation and narration are the biggest flaws. The high run time of the movie had only resulted in exposing more flaws in the movie.

    The dialogues penned by Swamy were odd and forced. The audio of the movie is a big let down but the rich visuals and excellent chemistry covered up. Cinematography was apt. Editing could have been better. Costumes and styling are excellent while the art department was good in few places.

    Final Say:

    The first half of the movie is pretty ordinary. The director had tried to induct some comedy track with Prabhas, Brahmi and Kovai Sarla but failed miserably. and entertaining. The action sequence in the Interval bang is excellently shot. The second half triggered movement in the story and had more blood shed and gore. The director had managed to creep in one or two twists in the movie but they are easily predictable. Climax sequence also failed to work out.
    I severely doubt the box office prospect of the movie.

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