• Prema Kavali Movie Review


    Movie: Prema Kavali
    Rating: 3.5/5
    Banner: Max India Productions
    Cast: Aadi, Isha Chawla, Brahmanandam, Dev Gill, Sindhu Tolani, Shafi, M S Narayana, Nasser, Supreeth, Ali, Naga Babu, Jayasudha and others
    Music: Anup Rubens
    Cinematography: Chota K Naidu
    Director: K Vijayabhaskar
    Producer: K Atchi Reddy
    Release date: 25/02/2011

    A well knit tale, the story is about Srinu (aadi) who falls in love with Prema (isha) at first sight and starts wooing her. However, Prema doesn’t respond but eventually she becomes friends with him. The story takes a turn when in one of their meetings, something momentary happens and Prema decides to keep Aadi away. However, that moment changes the life for Prema and Aadi feels responsible for that. What is that moment and what happens to Aadi’s love forms the rest of the story.

    The director has come up with a regular storyline but it was the presentation and the narrative which was strong. The dialogues were well written, the script was neat and the screenplay was impressive. The background music was average and two songs were alright but the picturization was very good. Cinematography is top notch and scores the brownie points. Editing was crisp. Costumes were natural and trendy while the art department was apt and rich. Aadi has come up with appealing performance and he has done well for a debut. Isha Chawla looks gorgeous and she has a delicious sex appeal. Dev Gill was good but didn’t have much screen time. Shafi was superb. Sindhu Tolani was nice, Nasser was balanced, Ali was funny. The real highlight is the comedy track between M S Narayana and Brahmanandam, that’s worth the money. Supreeth was brief, the others did their bit as required.

    The film comes across as a breezy entertainer and there is hardly any dull moment. While the first half goes on a flashback mode and the layering of romance, it is the second half which picks up the dose of comedy and action. Though there was a drag in one or two scenes, the makers were careful not to overdo anything. The film is rich in technical and production values and the confident performance of the lead pair added to it. There were few hitches here and there but overall, it is a decent effort. At the box office, the chances of scoring commercial success look high.


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