• Racha Movie Review

    Racha Movie Review

    Cast & Crew :- Ram Charan teja,Tamanna

    Director :- Sampath nandi

    Music :- Mani Sharma

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    Racha is the story of Betting Raju (Charan) and Chaitra (Tamannah) who were son and daughter of two friends. Both of them had to separate due to the wicked ploy of Bellary (Mukesh Rushi). After some 15 years, both of them unite due to a strange incident. Raaj who is aimless till then makes Chaitra’s aim as his aim. What happens next forms the actual part of the story.

    How they Performed?:

    Ram Charan Tej is a power house of energy. He managed very good performance in the movie. Sameer Reddy photography helped to capture good shots of him.

    Tamannah is superb on screen and has every thing to lure masses to theaters. Performance wise, she could not do much. Mukesh Rushi, Dev Girl, Kota Srinivas Rao, MS Narayana and others have did reasonably well. Brahmanandham as dance master Rangeela managed to draw few laughs.


    This is Sampath Nandi’s second movie as director. His first film budget was 3 crores and he managed to bag Racha of 40 crores budget. However, he completely lost track. The movie story is a routine one and the taking is no different.

    Mani Sharma had lost his touch completely. Songs were average and back ground music is mediocre. The placement of songs is wrong. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is good. Gautham Raju completely let down in editing.

    Final Word: Racha is a routine mass masala story combined with bad treatment. The screen play not convincing and is outdated. You can give it a miss!

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