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    Cast : Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Danny Denzongpa
    Director : Shankar
    Music : A. R. Rahman
    Banner :- Sun Pictures
    Rating :- 3.75/5


    Coming to the story a scientist named Vasigara (Rajnikanth) creates a robot with his two assistants (santhanam and karnas). He takes the robo to his home introduces to his family and they name it chitti. Sana (Aishwariya) is the love intrest of Vasigara… he even introduces the robo to her. And she is completely impressed by the robot. She asks him whether she could keep him for a couple of days so that he would help her in her exams. By the way Aish is a medical student.. and she is soooooo beautiful in the movie. coming back to the story Aish taking chitti to her home leads to some humorous and action sequences.. As the movie goes on Vasi introduces chitti to the world and everyone is impressed by chitti but one person is both impressed and jealous, he is professor Bora.. The reason he was jealous was that his student was successful in which he was failing from a long time.

    Vasi’s ambition is to join the robo in army so that there will be no loss of human lives in a war. But Bora refuses to certify him with a reason saying that he is a machine and cannot think and it is harmful to its creators too. So Vasi works on adding emotions to it and he succeeds in it. When he ads senses and feelings in it, it passes the certification of Dr Bora and the one left is the certification of the army. As the movie goes on there is a situation where Aish kisses Chitti and he falls in love with her. He does all the things to impress her and the time comes when he should go the army evaluation where he wantedly makes it a disaster. Vasi gets angry and destroys the robot… The destroyed robot falls in the hand of Professor Bora he gives him a new form and ads an extra chip which makes it a destroyer.

    From here the movie is all about how chitti kidnaps Aish creates a robo army creating lot of destruction and how Vasi the scientist stops Chitti the robo and his army..

    Sorry folks, though the second half makes the marvelous and the most awesome part ofthe movie this is all i can reveal because it would destroy the fun and awe if the reveal the rest,,,

    Highlights of Robo Movie :-

    1) Graphics and special effects
    2) Rajinikanth’s performance
    3) Aishwarya Rai
    4) Exotic locations
    5) Songs & background music
    6) Costumes


    1) The movie begins on a slow note, but catches steam later. First 45 might make people think that the movie is a drag.
    2) Comedy tract by Karunas and Shanthanam does not evoke much laughter

    Live Updates from Premiere show

    • Climax Fight was Excellent
    • Robo Became headache to Rajani…Ending to the climax
    • Unexcepted Turn in the Movie …Robo Becomes villian
    • Kilimanjaro Songs Started………
    • Army Test Failed to Robo ,Because he is in love with Aishwarys
    • Robo Disappointed with Sana Love
    • Chitti Chitti Robo Songs Started
    • Robo Gifted jewellary to Sana(Aishwarya) On her Birthday
    • Second half started….
    • Integration of Robo to Human brain…Excellend for the first half
    • Rajani Distrubing Robo Tricks
    • Robo Helping In Fire ,Saving People in Flats
    • 2nd Songs Started Boom Boom Robo (Robo Tricks)
    • Train Fight was Picturized well
    • Chitti Helping Aishwarys for the MBBS Exams (Highlight)
    • Robo first fight was Good
    • Robo Enter’s Aishwarya Rai House
    • Villian entered,New face Named Bora
    • Entertainment is carried with Good Comedy
    • Romace Chemistry working out Good for the first Song
    • Song Location for Nalo valapu was Good
    • Aishwarya rai Studies MBBS at VIT colleage
    • Rajani named the Robot as Chitti
    • Aishwarya Rai looks Beautiful with name SANA
    • RajaniKanth Enterance Making a Robot
    • Reviewer’s entered the theater,movie Above to Starts

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