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    • Nehru Solves the problems
    • present Mallama Excapes adn reaches pm house Sings amma avani song
    • Rajanna Dies…
    • Rajmouli Directed Fight excellant…
    • Rajkars attack Villager’s
    • lachavamma song
    • Rajanna rejuvenenates people to revolt against doras
    • Apalamma Portam Song..Excellant song…one of the Highlight
    • Rajanna revolts against Nizams..
    • Rajanna enters nelakondapalli Amma avani song..
    • Second Half begins with rajakars atrocities
    • Fights with british and saves his friend …interval Bang..
    • Nagarjuna Enters holding the National flag
    • Nassar Starts narrating rajanna Story to Mallama..
    • Dorasani knows about Mallama kidnaped her
    • Mallama Failes to meet PM
    • Stays At Character artist hema At Delhi
    • Mallama Reaches Delhi
    • Gudu chedhiri koyila koona song ..As Mallama journer Continues ..
    • Mallama Goes out of Village to meet Prime minister..
    • Music teacher Nasser saves mallama,karaku Gundello Song..
    • Dorasani captures Mallama.
    • Mallama Comes to know her birth Secrets.
    • Sudave sukka songs sung by villager …
    • dorasani atrocites,Mallama Innocence shown
    • first song gijigadu song as mallama grows with a villager
    • Rajanna Wife Lachamma Saves her child from rajakars and get killed
    • ANR Voice over for the Introduction of the Rajanna,Nizam Role during the post Independence
    • Movie Started …with Drum beat backgroud for the titles..
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