• Rajanna Movie Review

    Cast: Nagarjuna,sneha
    Director: Vijayendra Prasad
    Producer: Nagarjuna Akkineni
    Music: MM Keeravani
    Story/Writer: Vijayendra Prasad

    Rating 3.25/5

    What is all about …

    Rajanna is a story of a freedom fighter who motivated people with his songs during the post independence to fight against the tyranny of feudalists and land lords. Rajanna breathes his last fighting with them till last breath.

    Later, They are after Rajanna’s daughter Mallamma who escapes from their iron fists and reaches Delhi to meet Prime Minister Nehru to complain about the agony their village is undergoing.

    How they performed?

    Nagarjuna’s performance as Rajanna is good. He worked hard on dialogue delivery and expression. Above all, he should be commended for accepting a role which has very little time space.

    Sneha is good in the limited role she is offered. The girl Annie who acted as Mallamma in the movie is simply outstanding in the movie. She is the one who have biggest screen space in the movie and made use of it completely. Audience laughed and wept along with her character.

    Rest of them are good.

    Technical Departments:

    Director Vijayendra Prasad had selected a very good story line. He managed to deliver good output too. However, he should have tried and embed more emotional content. There are some instances where the movie is a bit slowed down.

    Veyyi ra veyyi song pictuirzation and the climax fight which are directed by Rajamouli are simply outstanding. Keeravani’s Back ground score is simply awesome.

    Lachuvamma Lachuvamma Ladayi le song should have edited as it disturbed the flow of the movie.

    Final word:

    Rajanna is a honest attempt. Nagarjuna should be commended for accepting such a movie in the first case. Even with some flaws, the movie is reasonably good. However, the commercial success of the movie can not be assessed now.

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