• Ramayya Vastavayya Review

    Ramayya Vastavayya Review

    TA Rating :- 3.25/5
    Cast: NTR,Samantha,Shruthi hassan
    Producer: Dil Raju
    Director: Harish Shankar

    Nandu (NTR) is a college going lad who lives life in his own terms. He falls flat for Akarsha (Samantha) and ropes her in to his love very soon. With her help, he enters her house. Questions like What is he going to do there? Why is he there in the first place? directs the story to Akarsha’s home town. And then comes a girl, Ammulu (Shruti Hassan) in to the scene. As the story unfolds, many people come in. Who are they? and what happens next forms the crux of the story.

    How did they perform?

    Ramayya Vasthavayya is undoubtedly a one man show by NTR. The actor mesmerized all the fans and audience alike with his new look and styling. His acting skills and dialogue delivery are immaculate as always. Unlike his previous movies, he not restricted himself to floor movements in dances but bent his entire body this time. He excelled as Duryodhana in the introduction scene and the Emantivi Emantivi dialogue will give you goosebumps. The acting like Shami Kapoor scene is also excellent.

    Samantha and Shruti Hassan looked gorgeous in the film. Both of them got one excellent song each – Jabilli Nuvve Cheppamma with Samantha and Nuvveppudaina with Shruti Hassan which will last long in their careers. However, their characters are overshadowed by NTR in the movie. Kota Srinivasa Rao as Minister, Ravi Shankar as Kota’s son, Mukesh Rishi as Samantha’s father, Rohini Hattangadi as grand mother, Rao Ramesh as CBI officer are best of their caliber.

    Technical Performances:

    Harish Shankar is a fans’ director and he present his heroes according to the dreams of their fans. The same thing happened to NTR too. This is the best makeover by any hero in the recent times. However, he should have done some good work in the script department. He did not get the right combination of entertainment, sentiment and commercial elements in the movie. Second half particularly is low on Entertainment and the climax is also weak.

    All the songs of Thaman are chart-busters and are well shot too. Chota K. Naidu’s camera work is excellent. Editing could have been crisp in the second half. Production Values are superb as for every Dil Raju movie.

    Final Say:

    The first half is good with some good humour and it ended up a good bang. The second half goes a bit wayward after the flashback sequences. There are high dose of sentiment violence and emotions which derail the movie flow. Content wise the movie is an average fare and you can watch it for NTR for his Energetic and stylish performance, the big reason than anything in the movie.

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