• Rakta charitra Movie Review

    Star cast :– Vivek Oberoi,Surya,Shatrughan Sinha.priyamani
    Director: Ram Gopal Varma
    Producer: Madhu Mantena, Sheetal Vinod Talwar
    Music Director: Mani Sharma
    Rating :– 3.25out of 5

    Actor Performance,

    Vivek Oberoi delivers what is needed for the character. He looks pretty good in close up shots. He exhibited appropriate histrionics by underplaying in the entire movie. Radhika Apte did the role of a traditional girl, she is beautiful and enacted her role very well. Abhimanyu Singh who has done the role of bokka reddy delight to watch. Shatrughan Sinha scores with his typical dialogue delivery as a politician cum actor. Kota and Ashish Vidyarthi are good.

    Ram Gopal Varma has done good work as director for showing truth from his point of view. Story of the film is simple. Screenplay is plain. There is predictability in the film and one can guess what is going to be next scene as its already known to most of the viewers in AP region. Lot of shots in this film are brilliant. You cannot find this kind of shot composition in any Indian or non Indian films and no doubt you can simply shout its “a Ramgopal Varma film“.

    Most of the songs given by Sukhwinder Singh, Bapi and Tutul are like a part of the background music. In my opinion, the background music given by the team is the best in recent times. It infused life into the movie. This movie is a top notch one in terms of how one can use background score to enhance a normal scene.

    Bottom Say :
    Rakta Charitra hasn’t bored me, yet it didn’t entertain me either. Just go and watch it if you are a filmy buff else wait for Raktha Charithra 2 (the trailer which is shown at the end got big applause).

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