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    Ranga the Donga review – Ranga the Donga Telugu Movie review: Century hero Srikanth is back as Ranga The Donga under GV Sudhakar Naidu direction. This is an out and out mass masala movie targeted at the frontbenchers.

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    Ranga (Srikanth) is a thief who lives in Stuart Nagar, Hyderabad. Sub Inspector Mangamma (Vimala Raman) falls for him in her very first look. Ranga has a special admiration upon factionists. In one dramatic situation some people take away Ranga to a small village located in Rayalaseema. They ask him to act and behave like Bhavani Prasad, who is a factionist and gets killed in one incident. Bhavani Prasad looks strikingly similar to Ranga and that is why he is brought here. How Ranga solves all the problems of those villagers as Bahavani Prasad concludes the story.


    Director GV is known for doing villain roles. However, he took up direction as he is inclined towards making mass films. His first attempt Hero with Nitin was a damp squib. He took a small break after that film and started Ranga The Donga. Anyone who has seen Hero would expect GV to do a better job in this film. But sadly that didn’t happen. Ranga The Donga is worse than Hero in all aspects. The story has nothing great about it. Any amateur writer can pen this sort of story in few hours. The screenplay of the movie is pathetic at the best.

    The director puts scene after scene just to fill in the 120 odd minutes to make it look like a feature film. Not a single scene is worth a dekho in this film. Srikanth should blame himself for picking up such film.


    Srikanth did his best to make this film work. But he didn’t get any help from any of the technicians or other star cast. Srikanth is desperately trying to turn a mass hero. He has definitely bettered himself in doing such roles. To be frank, he should stick to his family oriented movies.

    Vimala Raman’s makeup and looks are cheap. No lady cop in the world dresses herself like Vimala does in this movie. The characterization of heroine shows the taste of director.

    Ramya Krishna is Okay in her so called powerful role. The then charm is really missing in her. Telangana Shakuntala is usual. Jayaprakash Reddy is standard. Sakshi Sivanand sizzled in a special song.


    Chakri music didn’t help the course of the film. In fact his dumb songs worsened the woes of audience. There is nothing to rave about Poorna K photography. Gowtam Raju’s editing is not up to the mark. Dialogue and other departments failed to leave any mark.

    GV direction is pointless. He doesn’t have any specific qualities that put him on a different league. He is just another run of the mill directors who tries to churn out formulaic films. He should know the basics first before putting others money at stake.

    Plus Points:

    – Srikanth’s presence to some extent

    Minus points:

    – Everything except the above

    Final Word:

    Stay away. It is not even worth watching for free leave alone buying a ticket.

    Ranga The Donga review rating: 2/5

    Banner: God Father Films
    Starcast: Srikaanth, Vimala Raman, Brahmanandam, MS.Narayana, Jayaprakash
    reddy, Ramya Krishna, Bhuvaneswari
    Cinematographey: Poorna Kandru
    Music Director: Chakri
    Producer: C.R.Manohar  
    Director: Sudhakar Naidu

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