• Rangam movie Review – First on Net

    Cast : Jeeva , Karthika Nair ,Ajmal Ameer
    Director: K.V. Anand
    Producer: S Kumar, Jayaraman
    Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
    Presenter: RB Choudary
    Rating: 3.5

    Rangam is a racy entertainer with all necessary commercial elements in which RB Choudary’s son Jeeva, Yester year beauty Radha’s duaghter Karthika and Ajmal in the lead. Karthika and Jeeva are journalists working for a leading newspaper. Jeeva plays a photo journalist who finds himself in trouble when investigating a mystery case as a gang of musclemen are after him.

    Due to this they face various problems and how the duo emerge triumphant by successfully crossing all hurdles is the story.

    What is good?
    1. Versatile acting of Jeeva
    2. Dialogues and direction. It seemed the movie is influenced by several real life incidents experienced by KV Anand when he worked as a photo journalist before turning a cinematography
    3. Rerecording and Music by Harris Jairaj.
    4. Editing by Anthony.

    What could have been better?
    1. The movie is a bit slow at many places particularly in Second half where director loses a bit in Screenplay.
    2. Wrong placement of songs test the patience of the audience.
    3. Dubbing is mediocre.

    Finay Say:
    No dubbing movie in recent times has created so mush of buzz in recent times. The movie is really good if you like movies of Political thrillers. The actual success of the movie is all about how it manages to get the audience involved in the plot and evokes human sentiments as experienced by the lead pair. Its a MUST WATCH!

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