• Rebel Premiere Show live Updates

    Rebel Premiere Show live Updates

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    Stay Tuned for the Rebel Movie Review
    • The End
    • Climax fight. Mass dialogues.
    • Prabhas decides to hunt the baddies. Movie nears completion.
    • Ye Thalli Kannadho song . Neatly shot
    • One more twists – Interesting turn it is
    • Interesting twist – Flash back ends
    • Villain Pradeep Raawat entrance. Next fight started, the goons are in women getup.
    • One More comedy star Ali enters.. as “Kamal Hassan Shiva Shankar”
    • Deepalii song begins…as Deeksha name is deepali in the movie
    • FlashBack starts…Deeksha seth enters
    • Twist about the Police officer killed During the starting of the movie….
    • Senior rebel star krishnam raju Enter in white Dress
    • Prabhas has a Gang tooo —-INTERVAL BANG—
    • Main villain entry..with a Dialogue from a Trailer…
    • Prabhas kills all Villain’s men who are always around Tamanna…
    • Tammana is in love with Prabhas..
    • Prabhas’s dance is Excellent in the song…
    • Second song Nee Figure keka….with Prabhas and Tamanna
    • Tamanna is a daughter of some one who works closely with main Villian.
    • Tamanna looks Glamours on screen
    • Interestingly Prabhas,Brahmi Tries for tamanna,,
    • Tamanna as Dance Teacher…Prabhas,brahmi Joins
    • Prabhas has to meet Tamanna to find Robert,
    • Most Crazyiest song of Tamanna started….
    • Prabhas came to city on a mission to search for Robert (Villian)
    • Brahmi Comedy with airport staff is Good
    • Prabhas Enterance is Normal in Airport..
    • Brahmi Enter …with a good response in theater
    • Many New Villians Entered ..Killing a Police officer
    • Rebel Movie title card  with Oka sainyam song as background
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