• Seema Tapakai Movie Review – First on Net

    Cast : Allari Naresh,
    Director: G.Nageswar Reddy
    Producer: Malla Vijaya Prasad
    Music Director: Vandematram Srinivas
    Banner: Welfare Creations
    Rating: 3

    Allari Naresh is a son of a multi billionaire. His entire family is highly educated and hardworking. More money, No work makes Naresh a lazy boy. One fine day, he falls in love with Pooja who is a lower middle class girl and hates the rich class. Naresh changes his attire and acts as a poor lad to impress his love. And the rest of the story is all about how he wins her love.

    What is good?
    1. Allari Naresh carried the whole as he usually does
    2. New comer Pooja looked a bit like Asin and she did well
    3. Beach song of Pooja will enthrall masses
    4. Simha spoof is really good
    5. Naresh danced very well in the movie.
    6. Remix version of super star Krishna’s ‘Aakasamlo Oka thaara’ is great.
    7. Comedy worked out well.

    What could have been better?
    1. Routine plot in the movie
    2. Comedy did not work out well in some parts of second half

    Final Say:
    Seema Tapakai like any other Naresh movie is an out and out entertainer. The movie does not promise you some thing big – Twists, Thrill blah blah. Its a two and half hour entertainer. Watch and enjoy if you are free.

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