• Sega Movie Review

    Cast: Nani, Nitya Menon, Karthik Kumar, Bindu madhavi and others
    Art: Mayan
    Editing: Antony
    Cinematography: Om Prakash
    Music: Jashua Sridhar
    Producer: Ashok Vallabhaneni ( in Telugu), Gautham Menon (Original)
    Written and Directed By: Anjana Ali Khan
    Banner: Mana Desam movies
    Presented By: Master Achyut
    Rating: 2.5/5


    Karthik (Nani) and Vishnu (Karthik) and Revathi( Nitya Menon) are childhood friends. They live in a slum area. Karthik and Revathi love each other. Vishnu falls flat for a prostitute Vani(Bindu Madhavi). vishnu forces Karthik into drug trafficking. One day they gets caught and the rest of the story is all about the consequences they have to face.

    How did they perform?:

    Nani is superb in his character as a slum boy. His new rugged look suited well and was apt to the character.  Nitya Menon is only confined to songs. Karthik who acted in friend character is okay.  Muthu Kumar is okay as Nani’s brother. Bindu Madhavi who played the character of a prostitute is good.

    And the rest of all are sufficient.

    Technical Departments:

    Gautham menon, the producer of the movie is introducing his assistant Anjana Ali Khan as director with this movie.  She had mostly shot the movie in nights on footpaths, slums and roads for realistic look. She had chosen a good subject but failed to encash it with good screenplay.

    Music by Joshua Sridhar is okay. Back Ground music is good. Cinematography is good. DI work is excellent. Editing is crisp.

    Dubbing is alright.

    Final Say:

    Sega is well supported by good performances of the cast. There is no much entertainment in the movie which tests the audience’s patience. A good narration and effective screenplay could have saved the movie. Its a one time watch if you can bear with the snail paced narration. Otherwise give it a miss.

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