• Shopping Mall Movie Review

    Rating: 2.5/5
    Banner: SK Pictures
    Cast: Mahesh, Anjali, A Venkatesh, Pandi, Sneha (spl appearance)
    Music: G V Prakash
    Cinematography: Richard Nathan
    Director: Vasanth Balan
    Producer: Suresh Kondeti
    Release date: 06/11/2010


    A tale of survival, the story begins at the backdrop of a village where a boy Siva (mahesh) and a girl Rani (anjali) come to the city of Chennai with the lure of a promising job. However, in no time, they are dumped into the sales counter of an expensive saree mall and the supervisor of the mall (A Venkatesh) gives them a rotten place to live. Under the worst conditions, both the boy and girl begin to get to know each other and as expected, they fall in love. This comes to the notice of the management and they dislike it. So, they start creating trouble for the two and they decide to fight it out. So both of them move out of the mall and attempt to lead a life on their own. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


    The director has come up with a highly realistic storyline and though the presentation was perfect, the narration could have been trimmed. The dialogues were simple, the script was strong and the screenplay was immersing. Background score was haunting. Songs were okay but not that connected. Cinematography deserves full marks in this film. Editing was not that sharp. Costumes were natural and the art department was alive. Mahesh came up with an apt performance and he did justice to the full. Anjali looks naturally beautiful and she has tremendous talent, she must be given ample chances. Venkatesh was good as the mean man, Black Pandi was a relief, the sensuous Sneha didn’t have much to do but she made her presence felt. The others hardly had anything to offer.


    The film is an up-close and personal look at the lives of thousands of those who come to the city with big dreams and find it hard to digest the pill of reality. It is about the big bad world out there and how life can be merciless. While the first half goes about with the struggles and the fighting spirit of the lead pair, the second half deals with how they go through the test of their love and whether they emerge successful or not. This film is only for those who live in reality and can handle the serious side of it. This is definitely not for the light hearted entertainment seeking folks.

    tollywoodandhra.in Verdict: Hard hitting!!

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