• Simha Movie Review


    Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna , nayanatara , namitha , sneha ullal

    Producer: Parachuri Prasad

    Director: Boyapati Srinu

    Music Director : Chakri

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    Simha Movie Outline :

    Simha is worth the wait for all the nandamuri fans.Boyapati Sreenu gives starving fans a reasonably good movie ‘Simha’ starring Balakrishna in dual role.The movie is a decent watch as the director engages the audience with his content and reels them without any suspension of disbelief. He had simply learnt from the mistakes from the previous directors, cut out the bombastic and over the top dialogues and gave a simplistic, linear story that a normal moviegoer could understand. In other words he made an ordinary formula film keeping all elements in control. He had not concentrated on spending heavily on songs, settings, multiple characters but relied more on keeping the action quotient high while retaining the human element of the story.

    Simha is a complete one man show.Nandamuri Balakrishna strikes again with roaring performance.The second half of the movie is a block buster.The dialogues in the second half of the movie are at the peak.

    Presentation :

    The screenplay is good .The film moves slowly initially and again the latter half, during the homam scenes stretch quite a bit.The romancing scenes between balakrishna and the ladies Namitha, Sneha Ullal, Nayanatara has been handled well.Despite some tasteless comedy the film blends action and drama well and the best part of the film is that there is nothing loud from either the villain or the hero which is quite unexpected.

    Performances :

    Namitha is obscenely obese and you could see layers of fat jutting out from every part of her body, her clothes made her look worse.  About Balakrishna, he performs admirably, does a competent job, he stands out in the dying scene with Nayanatara. The lady who played Balakrishna’s grandma looks out of place, a clear misfit. A local talent could have worked better.

    Nayanatara looks fantastic in her costumes, has little to do and gives silent support to her onscreen husband. Sneha Ullal looks bloated but chips in what is required of her. A few numbers are good to listen but a few are wrongly placed in the film. Brahmanandam, Jhansi are a sheer waste. Venu Madhav is okay, feels good to see him after a long time. He is a professor in the college and is angling for Namitha, his dialogues bring in mild laughs.

    Simha Movie Story :

    Srimannarayana (Balakrishna) is a Professor in Engineering College living with old grand mother (Vijaya). It is his quality to fight against bad and help those who are in need, which pulls him into trouble with Adikeshavudu (Sai Kumar, Malayalam Actor) when his son Gopi (Ravi) forcibly wants to marry Janaki (Sneha Ullal), daughter of Jagadish Prasad (Raghu). Janaki is a student of Srimannarayana and of course in love with his Professor too. Srimannarayana takes the responsibility to save her from Gopi and Adikeshavudu. When these goons attack on Janaki to kidnap her, Srimannarayana beats them black and blue but during this action scene his grand mother is injured in the hands of Jagadish Prasad who is none other than father-in-law to Srimannarayana.

    Now, this old grand mother narrates an explosive flash back episode which has its roots in Bobbili area. Dr. Narasimha (Balakrishna) and his wife Bhavani (Nayanathara) are UK returns who belong to Maharaja Clan in Bobbili area. Narasimha’s sister (Sana) and brother-in-law Jagadish Prasad (Raghu) live in the same area by doing illegal business with the family of Adikeshavudu, a cruel man. Narasimha is a man with social responsibility not only to treat the patients but he is all powerful and fights to erase anti social elements from the society. Obviously hero enters into a direct battle with Adikeshavudu and his father (Kota). During this fierce battle, Narasimha and Bhavani loose their lives while Adikeshavudu goes into coma.

    Now Adikeshavudu is well back from coma by the punch of Srimannarayana and wants his son Gopi to marry Janaki. But, Srimannarayana is more like his father and completes the unfinished task of killing Adikeshavudu and his family.

    Conclusion :

    100% sure that ‘Simha’ is a new life for Balakrishna. One can wonder why this Nandamuri Lion has taken a long time in delivering this kind of powerful movie after ‘Narasimha Naidu’. Hardwork put in by Balakrishna was visible on the screen. First half of the movie is a mix of action and comedy with a powerful interval bang while second half gives the life with graceful Narasimha character leading to a regular climax.

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