• Siva Thandavam Review

    Siva Thandavam Review

    Rating: 2.5/5.0
    Presented by: UTV Motion pictures
    Banner: Teja Cinema
    Cast: Vikram, Anushka, Jagapathi babu, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Nassar, Santanam, Lakshmi Rai, Amy Jackson, saranya
    Editing: Antony
    Cinematography: Nirav Shah
    Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar
    Producer: C.Kalyan
    Written and Directed by: Vijay
    CBFC Rating: ‘U’
    Release Date: 5-10-2012

    Story: Kenny (Vikram) is a blind man who lives in London and plays piano in a church. Sarah (Amy Jackson) is a British born Indian girl and winner of Miss London title, meets Kenny in a church and develops a soft corner for him. Kenny travels in a cab for which Satya(Santanam) is the diver and kills few people. Veerakathi(Nassar) is the police officer who investigates those murders. Why Kenny does all this? What’s the story behind his silence is what the remaining story is about?

    Performances: Vikram has delivered another finest performance. He is very good. Anushka is good and suited well to the role. Jagapathi Babu is good as friend of Vikram. Santanam, Nassar are okay. Lakshmi Rai and Amy Jackson fitted to their roles. Cinematography is topnotch. Music by G.V.Prakash is good. Editing by Antony is okay. The story is simple and the screenplay is predictable. The Direction is good.

    Analysis: Vikram has come up with yet another different role. He tried a different character with varied shades. Vikram has done fantastic job both as Sivakumar and blind man Kenny. His body language and performance are of top class. Anushka played the role of wife of Vikram and she has given a very controlled and matured performance. Vikram does not have a lot of dialogues, but his eyes and expressions convey all the emotions. The Love thread between Vikram and Anushka is more like a Maniratnam montage with fewer dialogues. Jagapathi Babu is good in a pivotal role and he delivered the needed output.

    Sivathandavam is the dubbed version of Tamil flick THANDAVAM released last week in Tamil. The story is not a new one, its simple – hero taking revenge type but the backdrop and execution is different. Music and background scores composed by GV Prakash Kumar are one of the highlights of the movie. The two melody songs with Anushka are good. The songs are melodious but slowed down the pace of the movie a little bit and appeared as speed breakers.

    Santhanam has done a little bit of Comedy as a London taxi driver. He is good as usual with his typical comedy punches. Lakshmi Rai is seen only in a brief role. Art work is good. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is eye pleasing. The action choreography by Manohar Verma is awesome especially the fight scene when blind Vikram is attacked by foreigners in a park was well choreographed. The movie appeared bit lengthy, Antony could have trimmed the length of the movie; a ten minute chopping in the Telugu version could have helped in make it look crisper.

    The director AL Vijay earlier directed KIREEDAM, MADRASAPATTINAM, DEIVATHIRUMAGAL(dubbed in Telugu as Nanna). The attempt of the director to mix the concept of human echolocation to a revenge drama is good but the concept could have been explained clearly to appeal to the masses. The screenplay is predictable at times. The movie runs with/around a few characters only. Vikram- Anushka love track was well dealt. It has shades of Ghajini. The concept of blind man performing murders reminds us of RENDU (starring Madhavan, Anushka) movie. There are some scenes which miss the general logic, keep them aside to enjoy the movie more.

    The movie is targeted at Multiplex Audience.

    Plus: Performances (Vikram), Direction
    Minus: Slow Narration, Simple story

    Verdict: Vikram’s show all the way, Not for all- Only for those who are bored of watching routine run-of- the- mill movies.

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