• SMS Movie Review

    Directed by: Tatineni Satya

    Starring: Sudhir Babu, Regina and others

    Music direction: Selva Ganesh

    Produced by: RB Choudary, Ghatamaneni Priya

    Rating: 3/5


    Mahesh Babu’s nephewe Sudheer plays Siva, a Courier boy who wanders around with a bundle of lies and some liquor to contend with. Shruti (Regina) works as a radio jockey at a local FM channel is an educated girl. Siva falls for her in their first meeting and he tries toimpress her. When she is about to reciprocate,He breaks her heart

    Then they start hating each other with a mixture of possessiveness, jealous, anger etc.. And what happens next forms the actual story


    Sudhir’s debut as hero is good with excellent dances and good fights. He had delivered some excellent stunts just like Pawan Kalyan did in his first movie. but the sad part is his acting skills. He failed to deliver good performance in emotional scenes. His diction and voice modulation is too bad and can be a draw back to him if not corrected.

    Regina performed well in the character. She looked pretty. She is a good prospect of future.

    Comedy by Chanti and Thagubothu Ramesh is good

    Technical Performances:

    This is Tatineni Satya’s second movie as director. Since it is a remake, I will have to be a little harsh on this guy. The second half of the movie lost the tempo a bit but the climax is decent. The songs are misplaced.

    Music is good in part. Cinematography is good. Editing could have been better. Dialogues are okay. Action sequences, dances deserve special mention.

    Final word:

    Sudhir’s debut is impressive with some excellent dances and action sequences. Regina is an asset. The movie is decent and a one time watch to kill you time.

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