• Sneha Geetham Review

    Cast :  Venky, Chaitanya, Sandip, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Ria, Suhani, Krishnudu, Veenela Kishore, Venu Madhav and Others
    Director :  Madhura Sreedhar
    Music :  Sunil Kashyap
    Produced By :  Lagadapati Sirisha Sridhar

    The movie basically targets the youth and the people in that age group can relate to the situations better.Sneha Geetham begins where Happy Days ends, it’s just that the characters are different.

    Shreya Dhanwanthary who was sidelined in Josh gets a meaty role, lends credence to the story. Chaitanya shows the men can get emotional too and he does a neat job. Lohit Kumar is perfect, is a thick-skinned character who harasses his employee and Venu Madhav provides the laughs.

    Madhura Sreedhar has made a reasonably decent debut as a director, handling so many characters, the screenplay runs smoothly but he should have chosen a better subject. This one is just an extension of Happy Days and there is no novelty in content, there is nothing to look forward to in the story. The songs could have been choreographed better. The narrative lacks sharp lines, however the songs are meaningful and are in tune with the story. The re-recording of the songs begs for quality and camera work is mediocre.

    Bottom Line

    The plus point of the film is that a couple of characters are sure to carve their careers in the industry and the limitation is that the story has nothing new, is outdated. Go to the film with lower expectations and you won’t be let down..it’s the run of the mill flick, little limited and little timid but a clean one!

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