• Snehithudu Movie Review

    Directed : S. Shankar
    Starring : Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay , Jeeva , Srikanth , Ileana & Sathiyaraj
    Music : Harris Jayaraj
    Cinematography : Manoj Paramahamsa
    Editing : Anthony
    Presented : Dil Raju
    Rating: 3.25/5

    What is All About ?

    The thing with remakes is that however nice the remake is one will always compare each & every frame of the movie with the original which will definitely distract the person from enjoying the movie. “3 Idiots” was such a flawless movie with a great cast & superb direction that when it was announced that Shankar was going to remake, many might have had apprehensions in their minds about how it might turn out.


    Vijay has underplayed a great deal & it has done wonders. However, his looks did not suit to that of a college student. He should have taken care of his hair style and moustache thickness.

    Jiiva has done a good supporting part. In the sequence in the classroom where he does an “induction engine” he brings down the roof. Srikanth has tried hard to perform but just could not deliver. Sathyaraj has tried to mimick Boman Irani from the original but is not sufficient.

    Sathyan had delivered extraordinary performance as ‘Silencer’. Ileana has nothing much to do  and also lacked freshness. S.J.Suryah & Anuya are just okay while Vasanth Vijay is miscast.

    Technical Performances:

    Shankar’s remake of “3 Idiots” , “Nanban” is a very well done remake with certain punches added to suit the South Indian audience.It is new terrain for Shankar remaking a movie but he has done a good job of it.

    Harris Jayaraj’s songs are already chartbusters. “Aska laska Emo Emo” & “Heartlo battery ” are enjoyable numbers. His Background score is way better than many of his recent movies.

    Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematography is awesome. If there is anything that outscores the original then it must be the cinematography.
    Final Word:
    Even though the movie and the cast are not exactly as perfect as 3 Idiots. The movie makes you laugh out loud, smile silently , cry as well as make you introspect in what you are doing with your life. There is a good applause from the audience at the climax of the movie which gives a hint or two about the success of the script as well the execution.

    On the whole, “Snehithudu” is a feel good entertainer with a good message that can be lapped up. If you did not watch the Hindi version you will love it.



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