• Solo Movie Review

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    Cast & Crew :: Nara Rohit & Nisha Agarwal
    Music :: Mani Sharma
    Director :: Parasuram
    Producer :: Srinivas

    Rating: 3.5/5


    Goutham ( Nara Rohit) is an orphan who works as a software engineer in Aircel. He always misses the family relations and bondings and wanted to marry a girl with a joint family. So that he an get all the lost love from her relations. He meets Vaishnavi (Nisha Agarwal) who meets all his requirement. Finally, he impresses her. Her father (Prakash Raj) finds out about their love. And the rest of the story is all about Goutham wins Vaishnavi’s hand.


    Nara Rohit hasn’t improved much after his first movie, Banam. He is good in the second half when performing in suttle emotional scenes but failed to carry the energetic role in the first half. Nisha Agarwal is okay. she had improved a bit from her first movie ‘Emaindhi eevela’. Prakash Raj and Jayasudha lived up to their stature.

    Comedy by Srinivas Reddy is excellent. He had got a very good role after quite a long time. Rest all are okay.

    Technical Departments:

    Director Parasuram showed promising signs with his first two movies Anjaneyulu and Yuvatha but failed to get the much needed break. He finally got one with this movie. He wrote some hilarious dialogues in the first half and some serious emotional dialogues in the second half. His screen play is good which does not bore you even though the movie run time is nearly 3 hours. He is a protege of Puri Jagannath. He should glimpses of Puri mark mannerisms and dialogues.

    Mani Sharma’s music is good. Back ground music is terrific especially in the second half. Editing is bad in the end of first half. We find some abrupt finishes of scenes may be to decrease the run time.

    Final Say:

    The first half of the movie is thoroughly entertaining with some good comedy and excellent dialogues. Second half of the movie becomes a bit emotional with less entertaining. However, I guess family audience connect well to it. The climax some how closely resembled Bommarillu climax. The resemblance is so close that audience started comparision while watching the movie.

    The movie brings much awaited break to Rohit and Parasuram. Even though, the movie is not a perfect make, it is really good and entertaining. Watch it!

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