• Temper Review

    temper review
    Banner: Parameswara Art Productions
    Cast: Jr NTR, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Posani Krishna Murali and Others
    Story: Vakkantham Vamsi
    Editor: S. R. Sekhar
    Cinematography: Shyam K. Naidu Music: Anoop Rubens
    Background Score: Mani Sharma Producer: Bandla Ganesh
    Screenplay & Direction: Puri Jagannadh

    What could have ended up as a masterpiece for Puri Jagannath and Jr. NTR might end up as an average grosser for all of them. The movie concept is apt to the current times, raises a lot of questions on individuals in society and challenges the existing criminal law. With a slightly careful treatment, Temper would have been one of the highlights of Tarak’s movie career.

    Story: Born as an orphan, early childhood experiences makes the hero Daya believe that being a corrupt police officer is the best career and life. He grows up to be one and ends up in Visakhapatnam to help the local don Waltair Vasu (played by Prakash Raj) and his 4 goon brothers to continue their illegal and anti-social activities smoothly.

    A person of low or no moral values Daya continues to help Vasu as he takes moolah much to the dismay of his subordinates especially Murthy (played by Posani). Puri then brings in the glamour quotient by introducing Kajal Agarwal as Sanvi who runs a pet cross. Daya falls for her and after a few con acts gets her to fall for him as well.

    As you keep wondering where the movie has a turn and what is going to transform Daya, a series of events make Daya save a girl being hunted by Vasu. On learning the reason behind Vasu desperation to finish the girl, Daya realises how wrong his way and methods were. What is the reason and what does Daya do to bring out the good in him to finish the evil forms the best part of the movie.

    Jr NTR made an attempt to break away from monotony and fares just about okay. He could have essayed the style in a much smarter way. At one point, his style becomes irritable loud. However, his performance stands out and the attempt is laudable.

    Kajal does her bit but with due respects to her, Tarak and Puri should have tried a fresher face for a script like this.

    Prakash Raj backed by some smart dialogues comes across as the best performer in this flick.

    Posani who seems to be in almost every scene could have come up with a stronger performance, but he leaves his mark. Again, treatment fails as the character comes across as loud.
    Ali, Vennala Kishore and Sapthagiri are wasted in the movie. Puri is popular for launching some hotties in his item songs and he doesn’t disappoint the front benchers this time either. Nora Fatehi, a Moroccon model sizzles in the item number.
    Rest of the actors do their bit.
    Technical Details:
    Music by Anup Rubens is okay with the title song being an exception. Background score by Mani Sharma proves why he is called the master of background music.
    Cinematography and stunt choreography are good, but a special appreciation for the visual effects and costumes by Ashwin need a special mention. The new look given to Tarak is refreshing.
    Climax in the court
    Loud characterisation
    Non-refreshing pairing of NTR and Kajal
    Final Verdict: Like we said, the movie could have been a masterpiece if only for a little more careful treatment. Overall, this movie will give the relief that Tarak and Puri desperately need as of now.
    Tollywood Andhra Rating: 3/5
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