• Maro charitra review

    Maroo charitra Review

    Producer : Dil Raju

    Direction : Ravi Yadav

    Music : Mickey J Mayor

    Starring : Varun Sandesh, Anitha, Shraddha Das

    Story Line:

    A romantic story gone sour, the story is set on the backdrop of the US and here is Balu (Varun) who discontinues his college because he didn’t like the course and incurs the wrath of his father (prathap). It is here he sees Swapna (anita) and is smitten by her charms. In no time, both of them fall in deep love and in no time, the elders get to know that as well. Balu’s father and Swapna’s mother (urvashi) are at constant loggerheads so they don’t approve this. Then, in the presence of Paul Sastry (Naresh) who is a cop cum pujari, an agreement is signed. As per this, Balu and Swapna will not talk, see or meet with each other for one year and if they still want to meet after that, their love is true. Do they really meet after one year? Will the love still stand after the gap? All this forms the rest of the story.

    Presentation and Performances :

    The director has come up with a remake theme and though the presentation is good, the narrative was bad. Dialogues were okay, the script was flimsy and the screenplay was random. Background score was impressive and two songs are worth humming. The real hero of the film is the cinematography with some breathtaking visuals, full marks to that. Costumes were splendid and art department was stylish. Editing was crisp. Varun Sandesh gave an okay performance but he could have worked on creating more impact. Anita has done a good job for a debut act and she has shown potential. Shraddha Das was the best as she justified her role and made her presence felt, Adarsh was impressive, Kota was regular, Prathap Pothan was standard, Urvashi was annoying, Thalaivasal Vijay was subdued, Venu was hardly there.


    The film happens to be a remake of the original hit which came many years ago and it must be said that there is a difference of chalk and cheese between the two. The original is miles ahead of this new one and though the technical aspects of the film may have been good, the depth and the content of the film are very weak. Even the execution part was not apt as there are vital scenes which look absurd. An overdose of sentimental dialogues and lack of maturity in the script handling was evident and while the first half stutters a bit, the second half goes for spiraling down. There are few good moments but overall, it fails to connect with the audience of any genre. Openings can be good given the star value and Dil Raju brand but otherwise it is difficult for the film to survive.

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