• Nagavalli Movie Review

    venkatesh,Anushka,nagavalli telugu movie Review
    venkatesh,Anushka,nagavalli telugu movie Review

    Cast :– Venkatesh,Anushka,Richa Gangopadhyay,shardhadas,kamaline mkerjee,PoonamKaur,Vimala,Raman,Priyamani,Suja,Bramanandam,Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, etc…

    Director :– P Vasu
    Music :- Gurukiran
    Producer :- Bellamkonda Suresh,
    Lyrics :- Chandra Bose
    Rating : -2.75/5

    What is all About ?

    Victory Venkatesh’s ‘Nagavalli’ is one of the most awaited films of this season. Being a sequel to Rajinikanth’s block-buster film Chandramukhi and a remake of Kannada film, ‘Aptha Rakshaka’, the excitement raised to peaks. Nagavalli released today with maximum prints in Venkatesh’s career. Well, you guys might be waiting for the movie review. Here is our updated Nagavalli movie review for you.


    The story starts with the portrait of Chandramukhi (Anushka) being gifted to Gayatri (Kamalinee Mukherjee). Geeta (Shraddha Das) and Gowri (Richa Gangopadhyay) are the daughters of Sarath Babu and Prabha. Dharmavarupu Subramaniam brother-in-law of Sarath Babu, and his daughter Poonam Kaur stays with them. Things fall worse due to mis-happenings caused from Gauri’s engagement. In this regard, Sarath Babu meets Siddhanti who further meets Dr.Ravi (Venkatesh) to solve the situations. Dr.Ravi finds suspicious things at Sarath Babu’s house like Gayatri, the eldest daughter of Sarath Babu seen dancing in Chandramukhi’s getup in nights. Dr.Ravi makes his investigation strong and leaves to Venkatapuram and comes to know interesting things about Chandramukhi and King Naga Bhairava Rajasekhara (Venkatesh). Chandramukhi and the dance master gets killed by the king and the ghost of Chandramukhi haunts the king and the king escapes. Who is possessed by Chandramukhi out of all ladies? How does she take revenge on king? How does Dr.Ravi help out the family forms the rest of story?


    Venkatesh performance in the dual roles as Dr.Ravi and King Naga Bhairava Rajasekhara role is appealing and out of his regular roles.

    There is a limited scope for performances of all the leading ladies and were okay in their performances

    The background music of the film was great especially in the scary scenes. The suspense is carried out all the way.

    The main concept of the Nagavalli is taken from Chandramukhi. The total first half of Nagavalli showcases the story of Chandramukhi which reduces the delight of the audience. The main concept of the film starts only in the second half.

    Audiences might expect much thrilling climax of the film as the prequel showcased mind-blowing action by Jyothika but director P.Vasu makes us little disappointed.

    Final Verdict:

    As a super natural thriller, Nagavalli is successful in creating excitement and maintaining suspense with new twists and twirls but, looking as a sequel to Chandramukhi, Nagavalli fails to take us to the high expectations.

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