• Vastadu naa Raju Movie Review

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    Producer :- Mohan babu
    Cast & Crew :- Manchu Vishnu,Tapsee,Prakash Raj,Brahmanandam,Sayaji Shinde,Tanikella Bharani,Jeeva,Ajay,Rama Prabha,Siva Reddy
    Director :- Hemant Madhukar
    Music :- Mani Sharma

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    Story: Venky (Vishnu) is a young chap, interested in kick boxing and Narasimha (Prakash Raj) is a local goon, who is considered the right hand of Home Minister Adikeshavulu (Sayaji Shinde). With his help, Narasimha becomes an M.L.A. Home minister’s son Babu (Ajay) falls in love with Pooja (Taapsi), the only daughter of Narasimha. When the home minister proposes the marriage of his son with Narasimha’s daughter, Narasimha gets delighted and accepts his proposal.

    Things change suddenly when Narasimha suspects that his daughter fell in love with Venky. Then he attacks on Venky’s house and disturbs his sister’s engagement function and shoots Venky. Soon after getting recovered, Venky tries to take revenge on Narasimha. Further, he abducts Pooja and keeps her in the house of home minister’s PA. Later after some incidents, Venky sends Pooja back to Narasimha’s house. In the mean time Babu comes to know about the kidnap and suspects her chastity. It leads to a fight between Venky and Babu. Remaining story deals with how Venky protects Pooja and how he wins her hand.

    Artists Performance:

    Manchu Vishnu: He tried his best to give energetic performance. However, with his lean personality and beard, he looked more like a patient than a hero. May be he should now concentrate on looking fit than lean. His dialogue delivery was good when he spoke about the eminent personalities of Andhra.

    Taapsi: She appeared as a glamour doll. Even she reduced her weight comparing with her previous movie ‘Jhummandi Nadam’.

    Others: Brahmanandam was seen in the role of home minister’s P.A. and he also was projected as a person who failed in his love. He could generate a few laughs. Prakash Raj’s role was an important one and his performance was adequate. Sayaji Shinde and Ajay were shown in their usual roles. Others did their parts well.

    Technical Department:
    Of late, Mani Sharma has been failing in delivering interesting music and this movie is no exception. Songs are not good and the background score was mediocre.

    Story, Screenplay and Direction: Director came up with a dead-weak screenplay. He dragged many scenes in such a way that it lead to boredom. Brahmanandam’s character was little bit of interesting. First half lacks any romance between hero and heroine, and it was not impressive in the second half. The fights and dances are not good. On a whole, director gets poor marks for his work.


    1. When hero says about great personalities of Telugu, he missed the proper pronunciation for many words like, ‘Pingali Venkayya’, in which ‘li’ articulation is wrong. Also he did not use proper stress marks where required for most of the words.

    2. Hero and rowdies chase on buildings in the first fight reminds us his own brother Manchu Manoj’s movie ‘Bindaas’ first fight.

    3. When hero was introduced on the screen, the titles of many heroes appear on the screen like ‘Mega Star’, ‘Yuva Samrat’ etc. Of which, ‘Collection King’ title was given the first and top most place.

    4. Whenever hero’s family members were shown, an artificial and mechanical performance was noticed. Especially, Tanikella Bharani’s wife did over action.

    5. Nobody knows why this poetic title ‘Vastadu Naa Raju’ was put for this purely ordinary movie.

    Catchy Dialogues:

    1. Basiggaa nenu rendu peggulu enjoy chesthaanu. Anthakante ekkuva thaagithe avi nannu enjoy chesthaay. — Brahmanandam to hero.

    2. Shareeram meeda enno seggaddalu lesthaayi. Avi moham meeda kaavachchu leda kaali meeda kaavachchu. Kaani noppi vokkate. — Brahmanandam to hero.

    Bottom Line: This ‘Vastadu Naa Raju’ may become ‘Veltadu Naa Raju’ after two weeks.

    Rating: 2.50/5

    Premiere show Updates ;–

    • Dhee Fame Srinu Vyatla Voice Over at the begining of the Movie.
    • Sayaji Shinde plays an important role as Home Minister,Ajay is his Son.
    • Prakash raj Daughter Tapsee
    • Ajay Plans to marry heroine
    • Vishnu enter the screen,With a fight (Routine in Telugu Films).
    • Hero Enter’s with a song “Hello every Body”
    • Choreography Was Good with Nice Sequence’s
    • Movie Going Average without boring
    • second fight followed by a songs
    • prakash raj People attaches hero Family
    • 1st of Turned to Average
    • After Interval,Sudden twists in the Money
    • Music is one of the highlight of the Movie
    • 4th Song Duet with Vishnu,Tapsee
    • brahmanandam Rokcing with Comedy Track
    • Movie is Shapping well In second half
    • 5th Song is a Mass no
    • Vishnu apper in Kick Boxing
    • 2nd half is Going to be Better than first Half
    • Movie Heading towards Climax
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