• Wanted Movie Review

    Wanted Movie Review

    Today, we have GopiChand starrer Wanted. Title ‘Wanted’ seems just apt because it is Success that is most ‘Wanted’ for GopiChand, who is in verge of acting in routine movies. And for debutant director BVS Ravi, a writer turned director who worked as writer for good movies like Satyam, King, Parugu and Munna. And lastly for lovely Deeksha…who need to score back to back after recent success Mirapakai.


    Rambabu (GopiChand) is happy going guy with loving parents. He falls in love with medico Nandini (Deeksha). Things turn upside down because of nandini’s past and her revenge.

    You need to check out if something sounds unpredictable in the plot!!!


    This film would have been cake walk for GopiChand as he has done this good number of times. Though he acted pretty well, due to lack of freshness he scores just the pass marks. He should be careful while choosing the subjects.

    Deeksha is no doubt USP of the film. With her cute looks and similarities with Divayabharathi, She steals the show. She is damn good in all the costumes. But this role is made limited to suit her capabilities even there is scope to widen it. But she has got all five songs this time.

    Prakashraj as main villain also has no much scope. Similarly Ahuti Prasad, Chandramohan, Jayasudha, Nazar and Subbaraju did their role as required. Brahmanandam and Raghubabu are fine with few average punches.

    Story Analysis.

    Generally we would have few things in mind if you carefully notice Gopichand’s movies, Daring hero, caring friends and pampering parents. Hero goes behind a girl and finally gets a nod from her. In between we see some glimpses of villains giving an idea that there is some miserable past. Second half, things get revealed and GopiChand runs on the streets with his clothes soaked in red color and he holding a knife or pistol. And don’t worry in the second half, the girl could dream few songs. One good thing about “Wanted” the movie exactly follows the footprints without disappointing you.

    Director could not even narrate the regular story interestingly. Things become so predictable. And there is no excitement in the scenes which are supposed to be. First half goes in hope of looking for great second half, but second half kicks you back for expecting so much. It has small flashback that goes in the lines of “Athanokkade”.

    Good things….

    If at all one need to see the positive side, Chakri has given few good tunes. And Deeksha looked cute and her admirers will not be disappointed. Count me among you if you are one among them.

    Final Say…

    This can be last choice of time pass…if you have covered other movies in the city. Movie as such is routine but made neatly. So for few laughs, few songs and for Deeksha…give it a try if needed.

    Rating :- 2.5/5

    Premiere show Updates

    • Here is the climax fight now
    • After some melodrama we have a song. Dance number shot in an interestingly done set
    • Flashback has extremely violent scenes.
    • VFX aided fights brings the flashback with Nazar.
    • Another song now. A proper duet shot at picturesque locations.
    • Second half starts with action drama.
    • A longish fight leads to interval.
    • Movie has all the masala that a Gopichand’s movie is expected to have so far with the major twist coming before interval.
    • A fight leads to twist in the story.
    • Another song now. A number with massy lyrics.
    • Enter Ali. Lots of laughs here.
    • Second song now. Slow soft number. Good to hear and see.
    • Movie is going on at a good pace with comedy and enough drama.
    • Deeksha Seth’s entry is simple.
    • Enter Gopichand in a funny way. We have first song here. Shot in Dubai, typical hero song – entertaining and good to listen too.
    • Enter Brahmanandam. Typical entry, some laughs.
    • Prakash Raj makes a powerful entry.
    • Movie starts in 1983 with some well researched scenes on drug making.

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