• Yagam Movie Review

    Yagam Review

    Movie : Yagam (Telugu)
    Cast : Navdeep, Bhumika Chawla, Kim Sharma, Ali, Brahmanandam, Harsha Vardhan, Raghu Babu, Rahul Dev, Indra Kumar
    Editor : Marthand K Venkatesh
    Music Director : Mani Sharma
    Producer : Raju, Praveen
    Screen play, Story Writer & Direction : PA Arun Prasad
    Rating :2/5


    Navdeep and Bhumika hail from Hyderabad and are both lovers. She is an air-hostess and he works in a bar. Once she had to travel to Bangkok as she is an air-hostess. She gets killed there. The rest of the story is on how how her killers get killed themselves and who does these killings.


    The film basically is a thriller and due to the hap-hazard narration the plot looks too confusing. The director could have used the sound and other techniques to create an aura of suspense but chose confusing narration as a way to thrill the audience.

    Only saving grace of the film is the camera work by Dharani and also the sensuous Kim Sharma. Mani Sharma’s music is just average.

    Navdeep was his normal self and was good. Bhumika looked older for him. It is Kim Sharma who livens the film. Comedy is good at some places especially by Ajay who plays the role of police officer in the movie.


    1) Kim Sharma’s sensuous scenes
    2) Navdeep’s energetic performance
    3) Camera Work


    1) Screenplay
    2) Overall direction
    3) Music and background score

    Final line :–Can watch it once for timepass

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