• AYYARE overseas by Balaji Arts USA


    Balaji Arts, USA bags the overseas screening rights of the most anticipated youth and family entertainer AYYARE movie. We are proud to be associated with Preetham Productions to distribute AYYARE in the entire USA territory.

    The highlights of the AYYARE briefly follows:

    1. AYYARE Movie is a out and out family entertainer. Director Sagar Chandra is MS Graduate from USA is Most Promising director who Promised a two and half hour super entertainer.

    2. There Are Three Lead actors Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Sai Kumar, Youth Star Shivaji and Stylish Heroine Aneesha will be seen. Dr. Rajendra Prasad will be seen in a variety of roles like Lord Krishna, Swami and a ATM Guard and the story is about how important events are controlled by other whom you don’t know and when they meet up what would be the effect..

    3. Sai Kumar Role is a strong point and Shivaji’s Natural and matured acting is one of the stong points with bubbly Aneesha as a heroine.

    4. Crew: Dialogues: Nivas; Lyrics: Chandra Bose, Ananth Sriram; Cinematography: Bhaskar Shyamala; Music: Sunil Kashyap; Fights: Ram Lakshman; Producers: Dr B Sudhakar Babu, Rangana, Achchappa; Story, screenplay, direction: Sagar Chandra.

    5. Recently, the audio of this was released got into top ten songs of August 2011.

    6. ‘AYYARE’ is all set to hit the silver screen worldwide in September.

    We would like to thank everybody who is associated with the film.

    The Movie has picked up publicity in full swing for Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s Role as a Swami.

    All interested in screening this movie in your respective areas (USA, UK, AUS, CANADA, SINGAPORE) please contact:


    Kumar Ph: 408 850 1450
    krishna ph : 678-992-6388
    C/o Balaji Arts USA

    Email: balajiartsusa@gmail.com

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