• Aarthi Agarwal dating villain artist!

    Svelte actress aarthi agarwal is the perfect example for downfall of a star heroine in contemporary times. After reaching the new peaks of stardom by acting besides all the top stars in Tollywood, today she is all struggling to get hold of roles even adjusting to act besides chota mota heroes.

    As per the information from reliable sources, aarthi agarwal is known to be planning to shift her base to Bollywood and that is the reason why she has found her new love in villain actor Mukul Anand.

    Mukul Anand is the lead hero of aarthi agarwal’s next release ‘Neelaveni,’ where in both of them have shared an intimate lip kiss scene. Even it is gossiped in Filmnagar that aarthi agarwal’s late night parties and staying together with Mukul Anand days together have irritated aarthi agarwal’s father and there was a big family fight in their house few days ago.

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