• Allu Sirish Becomes Tollywood’s Ram Gopal Varma

    Though there are many who hate Ram Gopal Varma, they love to read his blogs. For the in depth analysis and the hardcore practicality he shows in it. Now, another lad seems to be getting into the league of Ramu when it comes to blogging and he is none other than the smart Allu Sirish.

    Ever since he set foot into business, he has been making waves. This time, it was his blog and the focus on e-media. Sirish said that due to the over publicity and commercial thinking of the news channels, they have dug their own grave. Apparently, the wrong culture of sensationalizing the smallest things has aggravated the situation in our state and led to bandhs and violence.

    Due to this, corporates are running helter skelter, business establishments are not functioning properly. So, Sirish has cautioned that the channels will soon run without ads in the future due to the fall in business. For the fear and tension they have created, they will pay back in an expensive manner, he opined. Those who read this agree with him 100%.

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