• Allu Sirish behind three hot girls

    Allu Sirish gave a new life to at least three forgotten beauties of Tollywood. They are Archana, Madhu Shalini and Nikhita. These three are unsuccessful heroines in Tollywood even after acting in quite a few movies and shows no inhibitions in exposing their hot bodies. Though Nikitha getting some roles in Kannada, Archana and Madhu Shalini confined themselves to stage shows, and functions to make their living expenses.

    There comes South Scope calendar shoot like oasis in desert. Allu Sirish who often spends time with these girls in pubs and private parties, influenced them to go bold for the shoot. These hot beauties didn’t let go the opportunity wasted and exposed maximum to get the attention. The trick worked in their favour, now it is heard that everyone is getting calls from producers to cast them. Leading the pack is Archana with at least three offers.

    Allu Sirish who is very good at promoting the products, already created enough curiosity by releasing limited copies of South Scope calendar. Now he is promoting these three hot girls with his distinctive vision.

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