• Ameesha’s mother will be staying with her

    Ameesha Patel’s mother Asha is going over to stay at her star daughter’s home in Juhu. This is seen as the final show of reconciliation in the strained relations between the actress and her family.

    Yesterday (January 13) was brother Ashmit’s birthday. So did the whole family celebrate it together? Ameesha says, “No we would have loved to but Ashmit wanted to party with his friends in Goa and that’s where he currently is. We have to respect the birthday boy’s wishes. Mom is coming over to spend a couple of days with me at my Juhu residence. I am looking forward to that.”

    Ameesha Patel with her parents and Ashmit Patel

    Talking about the patch up Ameesha says, “Yes it’s true that I have completely sorted out all our issues and made up with my family. It’s a great start to the New Year. I was in Dubai with my family who had come to watch me perform for a super successful show.”

    Ameesha says beau Kanav Puri helped to sort out issues with her family in a big way. “Ashmit and I have been in touch for the last eight months but I met my parents for the first time at my cousin’s wedding in December. Kanav had flown down for the wedding and that’s the first time he met mom too. Then I met my parents at their home as they invited Kanav and me over and then I met them independently again and sorted out our issues. It was Kanav who kept insisting that I should sort it out with my family.”

    Ameesha adds, “Kanav would always tell me that Ashmit and I couldn’t have such bad parents because we were such well-brought up children. He tells me that we come from a well-educated, well-off family. He kept saying there had to be some miscommunication between my family and me and that we should try and put aside our egos n resolve the matter. Kanav kept pushing me to talk to my family.”

    Many felt that ‘good friend’ Vikram Bhatt had influenced her against her parents. Does she blame anybody for the rift? “No I don’t blame anybody. I think it was immaturity and clash of egos.”

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