• Bikini is Not a Big Deal ,Vimala Raman

    Vimala raman
    There are several pretty girls in Tollywood who has been suffering with ‘the girl next door image.’ They are sincerely putting all their efforts to wipe out their unwanted image. One such actress is Vidya Balan. She is playing the same kind of homely girl roles since a long time. She couldn’t wipe out her image even at Kannada Film industry. Whoever is approaching her offers her homely girl roles only.

    Fortunately, she got an offer in Jagapatibabu’s sequel film Gayam-2, in which she has to give skin shows wearing a bikini. Obviously, Vimala Raman without giving a second thought agreed to do it.

    When, the media people asked her whether she feel comfortable in bikini, she promptly said, “Of course why not? After all, I am NRI girl. I can wear any type of modern dresses, including bikini. Wearing bikini is not a big deal for me. If, it is necessary for the film then I am ready to wear it. I don’t want to carry ‘the homely girl’ image on my shoulders till I retire from the industry. I have to act all kinds of roles including glamour doll roles. Its media which always try to highlight our dress code, despite knowing that it is part our profession.”

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