• Bollywood Actress Asin’s dupe facing troubles in market.

    poorna is Mallu babe striving hard to make an impression in South film world. Unfortunately with many resemblances of poorna with Asin, she is many a times miscalculated by Asin fans.

    Even poorna is completely aware of the fact that she’s being compared with Asin for their unmistakable resemblance. “When I was flying to New Zeland for a shoot, a little girl, who was sitting a couple of rows behind me, came running to get an autograph thinking I was Asin. When I signed her autograph as poorna, she was confused. Then, I had to explain that I just had a striking resemblance to Asin,” said poorna with a cute laugh.

    “I’m happy that people compare the two of us. I like her for her style, her sense of fashion, and her attitude. I haven’t had a chance to meet her yet, but if I ever do, I want to tell her that I enjoy watching her movies. But, I would like to have my own identity,” said poorna.

    Sources say that poorna is getting offers from Tollywood and she may soon appear in a Telugu movie. Asin’s struggle in Bollywood should be cashed by poorna, before she arrives back.

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