• Bollywood Actress Nude On Bed


    Where there is money, anything can happen and where there is a politician, everything can happen. That seems to be the case after hearing this news. This is about the Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut of ‘Ek Niranjan’ fame and she has been paid a whopping Rs 5 crores for a new film.

    Apparently, sources reveal that the slender sizzler is all set to go in for a nude scene and it is for this scene the remuneration has gone so up. However, many are wondering as to why she had to resort to such extremes just for the sake of that amount since in normal situations she will get.

    Currently, Kangana’s diary is filled with bookings and this movie is marking the debut of Chirag Paswan, son of the Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan. While she may be making a lot of money out of this project, her reputation seems to have gone down due to the nude scene element in it.

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