• Bollywood hero enjoying Genelia’s ride.

    genelia has become the best buddy of whole Indian film fraternity. genelia’s cute face and lovely attitude towards work is winning the hearts of many. Soon to hit the screen is “Chance Pe Dance” starring Shahid Kapoor and genelia in the lead.

    As per Bollywood news, it is believed that when Shahid’s character asks genelia to keep riding, genelia absolutely refuses to jump a red light even though all roads are empty. In another shot when genelia was to drive fast through heavy traffic, their scooty was attached to a towing vehicle and they needed to take a lot of turns to get the shot right. With each turn Director Ken Ghosh kept asking the towing truck to go faster and faster, as a result of which the scooter kept getting faster too. At one turn the speed was so fast that the side wheels of the scooty went up and genelia and Shahid were seconds away from flying in the air, attached to the tow truck… Ken shouted ‘cut’ and finally the shot came to an end without any bodily harm to the lead pair. genelia clearly managed to keep the scooter under her control. Shahid was clearly second time lucky enjoying with genelia’s ride.

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