• Charmi Made a Mistake..

    Charmy, who was on an all-time low after tasting six successive failures in the last two years. ‘I was expecting a lot from my last three films (16 Days, Manorama & Kavya’s Dairy), which, I thought, would establish back me in Tollywood. But unfortunately, they fizzled out.’
    Charmi feels that she needs to reinvent herself again, as she has the image of an actress who does powerful women-oriented films. She confesses that she has made ‘a big mistake by overdoing skin show.’ Says she, ‘I was just 13 when I came into the industry.

    I have exposed a lot, which I’m regretting now. It all happened because I was innocent.’She points out an incident when a still photographer of a film climbed a tree to get a top-angle shot without her knowledge and got a revealing look of her cleavage, which was highlighted in the posters! Says the peeved actress

    ‘Skin show is all about camera angles, and from my experience, it can be done aesthetically with a filmmaker whom you can trust. Otherwise, it will become vulgar.’

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