• Chiranjeevi’s liposuction surgery went for 13 hours


    Since his political plunge, people opined that Chiranjeevi has put on lot of weight. But that’s passe. Freshly and post the lipo cosmetic surgery, Chiranjeevi is now seen in a slim and vibrant and hooking every one. Is Chiranjeevi planning a movie comeback?

    Chiranjeevi’s liposuction surgery went on for 13 hours. Sources say that a lot of fat was extracted from his body and the process took long hours as the fat got accumulated in various regions in his body due to lack of regular exercise and irregular food and sleeping habits.

    His life would have been very organized when he was only with films but ruined when he entered politics. His resizing phenomenon is to act in films again, say many. Now he is looking very slim and his pics will be hitting the media soon. It becomes an unbelievable treat for many to see slim Chiru after a very long time.

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