• Chiru shocked by Ramcharan behavior!?

    ‘Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnayya’ is the movie title which may suit better for Chiranjeevi as a hero, but coming to real life it is apt to Ramcharan. Yes, after the public viewing of Ramcharan’s boozing party pics and intimacy with Trisha, many doubted about Ramcharan’s inherent talents.

    Mouth by mouth, the news has almost reached Chiranjeevi. Fortunately, it was lucky that these photos have struck the market when Chiranjeevi was out of the state. Filmnagar sources say that, as Chiranjeevi is back it was very quick that this bunch of photos have reached Chiru’s desk.

    Initially Chiranjeevi was known to be shocked by the behavior of Ramcharan but later took a grim note of it and became busy with Srikrishna Committee. ‘That is how a father should behave with his growing son. Initially Chiru might have been shocked not looking at Ramcharan in the pics, but it was the company of Trisha which might have shocked him,’ laughed a mega star fan.

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