• Demand for Namo Venkatesha kites

    Venkatesh starrer “namo venkatesha” is getting ready for release on 14th of this month. With time nearing for the release, movie unit is busy in the promotional activities. On the occasion of release of “namo venkatesha” on Sankranthi, the publicity is planned in different from other movies.

    As Sankranthi is a festival of kites, “namo venkatesha” kites are released into the market by association with ‘Local TV’ in Hyderabad. Venkatesh posed happily before the cameras trying to fly the kites. Venkatesh wished all the movie lovers to enjoy ‘namo venkatesha’ as big as they enjoy the festival of ‘Sankranthi.’

    Few kite sellers have even opined that such movie kites will always have good demand in the market and will be a sure success.

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