• EVV Satyanarayana Slapped his son Naresh with slipper!

    allari naresh, the younger son of versatile director EVV Satyanarayana has made a niche in comedy film circuit. It is to the credit of Naresh that, he has won the last year Film Fare award for path breaking movie ‘Gamyam.’

    allari naresh is happy and of course a proud son who has achieved the feat which even his father could not. If All Is Well, then why did EVV Satyanarayana hit allari naresh with slipper. Naresh himself clarifies saying, “it was during my schooling days that I was too mischievous and irritated my father many a times. He slapped me once with his slipper which was a nasty blow and the impression of slipper size number fell on my cheek red in color. Of course, I have complained it to my teacher blaming it on my brother Rajesh and he got good treatment in the class.”

    allari naresh even said that, till first movie ‘Allari’ his parents used to manhandle him at least once in a week.

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