• Hansika facebook Profile Hacked

    Hansika has fallen prey to cyber crime. After Hrs has learnt that young actor Hansika Motwani is the latest victim of hacking. Hansika claims that her Facebook profile has been hacked by a cyber attack. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to figure out the hands behind it.

    Sources say that she has informed the Mumbai police department about it, however, the actor is yet to file a formal complaint.A close friend of the actor on conditions of anonymity says: “Hansika looks very worried these days.

    The actress suddenly found out that her Facebook ID has been hacked! The hacker had not only sneaked into her account but had also changed her password. She can no longer access her account. She learnt about the hack, when she couldn’t log on to her Facebook account and a an ‘error’ message kept flashing on the screen.

    It said that she has entered an invalid password.For five days she was not able to get on to the social networking page.” A traumatised Hansika says: “I was really very worried as I was not able to access my account and was also not able to chat with my friends. I was also scared that the people who had hacked into my account might be misusing it, which would have caused me and my friends a great deal of stress.”

    The actor immediately contacted Facebook authorities and asked them to reset her account. She is, however, not contemplating on registering a police complaint with Mumbai’s cyber crime department. “Thankfully, I was able to contact Facebook and reset my password but it took all of five days when I disappeared from the world that is Facebook,” she added.

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