• Heroine’s Sister Worried About ‘Blue Film’ Leakage

    For a heroine, there is always the fear of losing out on opportunities due to competition and also failing to look beautiful. But lately, another fear has also begun to develop and that is the fear of their personal videos getting exposed or created using the morphing technology.

    Currently, one beautiful girl has got her fingers in her mouth out of tension. Well, she happens to be the sister of the beautiful Katrina Kaif, Isabella Kaif. Just few days ago, a ten minute MMS began making rounds which many say had Isabella having passionate sex with a stranger.

    Now, it is heard that Isabella is quite worried about this ‘Blue Film’ leakage and is not sure how to cover it up. While the family has outright denied these videos to be some morphed output, inside sources say that it was indeed Isabella. Now that the cat is out of the bag, only time will give the solution for her.

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