• Hidden Secret Behind Robot Production

    ‘robot/Enthiran’ is a sensation from the moment it was declared to be from the combo of Rajinikanth and Shankar. Now, it is an open truth that Kalanidhi Maran and their ‘Sun Network’ is the proud producer of this National buzz. But, one of our close source mentions that, there is a hidden program running behind this ‘robot’ circuit.

    It goes like this: ‘robot/ Enthiran’ was actually the sole property of Villain cum Hero artist Arun Pandian who invested nearly Rs. 100 crores initially and when the budget shot up beyond the calculations, Arun Pandian’s close friend Super Star Rajinikanth along with Shankar have pulled in Kalanidhi Maran onto the board. With their entry into ‘robot,’ movie has amazingly come into prominence wondering the big wigs in Indian Film Industry.

    Arun Pandian, one of the big shots in Tamilnadu is now hoping for a quick payback for his share and movie hitting the screens in september second week is bringing smiling faces in entire circuit board of ‘robot.’

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