• Hot Mumaith Khan To Marry Russian?

    Item queen Mumaith Khan is the darling for the B and C class audiences but they need not get tense looking at the headline. Apparently, the item girls these days have been crossing the national borders and tying the knot with men from different parts of the world.

    Take the example of the seductive beauty Jothi who got married to a businessman based in Dubai. Now, it is also heard that Abhinayasri is currently dating a German guy who is said to be a doctor. In view of these happenings, one director made a passing statement that one need not be surprised to see some more such things in Tollywood in future. He mentioned that it is no big deal if tomorrow Mumaith goes and marries a Russian.

    Given the fact that there are many foreign beauties that are currently in Tollywood, it won’t be a surprise to see our folks marrying foreign girls. After all, it is film industry and anything can happen here.

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