• Illena Prefers Money or Story ?


    Ileana was the first South Indian actress to hit the one crore fee per film, but she has also been the only starlet from Tollywood absolutely reluctant to set foot in Kollywood! After that a single movie Kedi with Ravi Krishna and Tamannaah way back, Ileana has been blatantly rejecting offers in Tamil. While some say she was unimpressed by the offers, others insist it was a bad experience in Kedi that kept the lady away. But sources within the industry state that the main reason was that the pay offered in Kollywood was nowhere near what she was making in Telugu, so she felt least inspired to make the move. But now, we hear that she will play the lead in Vikram’s next Tamil movie. What lured her this time? She says it’s the story, but insiders insist it’s the HUGE pay that was irresistable! She sure knows what it means to make hay while the sun shines!

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