• Is Leader hero a Professional smoker ?

    Daggubati rana, now the latest heart throb of city girls is a manly, handsome guy and ‘Leader’ proved it. But one aspect of ‘Leader’ which is still more visioned under the scanner by beautiful modern babes is rana’s stylish cigarette smoking in the movie.

    rana performed the role of Chief Minister Arjun Prasad in the movie and a CM that too a young CM should usually be a role model for youth but rana’s frequent smoking scenes in the movie have created an impact which has effects on both the sides.

    As per the story, rana is MD of a Fortune 500 company in overseas who later becomes a CM. It can be doubted that, a character with such a build up and screen image should have at least a small smoking habit which many IT professionals in present generation possess. Well, what ever may Sekhar Kammula’s logic behind but it surely clicked with city babes and for now rana is a professional smoker for them and that is confirmed.

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